Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Is It EVA Enuff!?!?!?!?

Patience is a virtue..impatience will hurt u! So i ask..@ what point does patience turn in2 stubborness? @ what time will we finally see da end result of our efforts? I honestly feel i'm da hardest workin person i kno! Not 2 discredit any1 i kno..i jus kno while they're sleep, chasin after their object of affection or girl/boyfriend, playin video games, hangin out wit friends, makin excuses 4 why they can't do somethin...I'm doin somethin...called work!!! I'm workin 90% of da time i'm awake!!!! On several things ALL @ once & i do exceptionally well in ALL of em! So wit dat said...if a person dat will work be paid 4 their labor...SOMEBODY OWES ME ALOT!!!!! But i've gotten nothin...@ what point will i have done enough 2 finally get what i've been workin 4? I'm 25..yeah..i'm young..but i've also been workin towards da same goals since 12!!! I've taken da test several times & marked a different answer each time...A-E & i STILL haven't gotten da answer 2 da question right..what do i NEED 2 do 2 make it work?

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