Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'ma very simple guy...

I'm all about any righteous means necessary...i ain't 1 2 step on toes 2 get where i'm tryin 2 go...I ain't a kno it all..i jus usually have an opinion..dat makes sense 2 me...but dat doesn't mean i think what i think is always right...ALL MY OPINIONS ARE SUBJECT 2 CHANGE!!!! If u don't kno think otherwise:-) Funny thing is...those dat think otherwise still feel like i won't change my opinion on somethin if proven wrong or at least if a more logical outlook or way of doin somethin is brought 2 my attention. Even tho i've told em or showed em dis is true...dat is actually them bein how they wrongfully accuse me of bein..which is funny 2 me. From may 2 dec. 31st 2009 i had alot ppl shittin on me! I dealt wit alot of hurt from ppl i thought wouldn't do me how they did & i found myself bein da only 1 dat was tryin 2 make things betta...4 every1!! Includin those dat weren't helpin at all and actually made things harder but benefited from ALL i was doin...4 us!!....As of jan 1st 2010 i decided 2 stop ALL dat shit!!! Now i don't fuck wit em! I'm doin ME! "So Sink or Swim, Fly or Fall dawg i can thank me/ Mr. Potatoe head, i ain't got nobody/i'm jus ahead like potato head's whole body/"..i meant dat when i wrote dat! Now...da problem is..i don't fuck wit em so niggas catchin feelins cuz i'm continuin 2 do my thang without em since they bs, complain & brought negativity in EVERYTHING i tried 2 do wit em. I can't win 4 losin. I've been doin betta since i put da time & effort i was puttin into us into myself cuz i ain't a bullshitter! I'm 25..i'm young but i ain't gettin no younger. Besides i feel like if u gon do it! But don't make excuses & bullshit cuz dat doesn't breed progression, feel me? Personally...if a person has a problem wit me jus say least then we can talk about it...far as biz goes...jus say what u think would be best..& we'll come 2 a mutual agreement in da end. & don't come 2 me wit excuses..they serve no purpose when workin towards success! All i want is 2 be happy! Along wit those i love...4 me happiness is makin music 4 a livin...don't have 2 be rich...jus wanna make enough 2 help my parents, pay my bills & save some money 4 my niece & nephew 2 have when they grow up & go out in2 da world! I would like 2 help my brothers if possible & i'd like 2 fund my foundation & make a difference in other ppl's lives! With ALL dese dreams & aspirations do i really have time 2 make excuses or bullshit. I'm unemployed & broke but i ain't gon let dat stop me from realizin my dreams! As of now i got a mixtape i'm pushin & 3 other mixtapes in da making as we speak! 1 wit my newly found group "The Out Crowd" (Me, Anthony 3 Brown & Tony B.), 1 wit my homeboy Break of O'lord records & anutha 1 wit my dude David Luke! Not 2 mention i'm still sittin on Food 4 Thought V.1 & 2...altho i'm still recordin xtra trax dat may make da cut & go on either 1 or possibly V.3...The Leftovers! I'm also now in charge of organizin hip hop & r&b events 4 "The Levee" in Albany, Ga! With everything considered...i'ma hard worker! I got goals & feel like i'm stuck tween a rock & a hard spot! I only got 1 person tryin 2 help & dat's Keneathia...i don't mind...but my point is...she's helpin...she's puttin in...not takin away from what i'm tryin 2 4 those dat can't name 1 thing you've done 2 help me, you or both of us progress lately if not at all...simply put...i can't let you hold me back or slow me down!!!! I'm in da pursuit of happiness!!!!

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