Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every dog....

2nite i was in club obsession in da A promotin and got a chance 2 see Dro & Titti boi perform...they did good but da whole time i'm thinkin...what they got dat i don't!? Truthfully..da answer is was jus there time as well as it will be mines someday. As of now i take da good wit da bad while smilin! I work hard & sometimes it seems like it's all 4 nothin but bein who i i am, where i am i knew it wouldn't be ez..but i kno it's worthed! Those dat look down on me, hate or jus simply neva gave me a chance cuz i ain't a'll be my funniest fans in da near future:-)...Karma's real...every dog has it's day

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