Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Caged Bird....

Ladies and Gents..Boys and Girls..Real Niggas and Bitches(whether you're a chick or a dude..a chick can be a Real Nigga and a dude can be a Bitch) I decided I want to speak..about..Me, Music and Money! I don't know if anyone can tell but by listenin to my music..I don't do it 4 da money. See wit me, dis music shit has neva been about da money..and dat ironically enuff is probably why I'll get money:-) Da bible says don't chase money, it's da root of ALL EVIL! It also says how hard it is for a rich man 2 get 2'll fit a camel thru da eye of a needle before a rich man gets 2 Heaven...It also says who's last in life will be 1st in Heaven! With all that bein considered...I DON'T THINK..CORRECTION..I KNO I'M NOT WRONG, STUPID, IMMATURE or SMALL MINDED 4 NOT CHASIN DA MONEY!!!!! Da game is crazy right now...Everybody jockin somebody's style, ridin somebody's dick 2 get rich. Everybody has some ignorant ass philosophy on what type of music an artist should be makin, or what image they should portray or better personal favorite..what they should rap about and who they should represent..da streets or da other guys, whoeva they are? Me personally, I DON'T SEE WHY DA FUCK ANYONE OTHER THAN DAT PARTICULAR ARTIST SHOULD CARE!?!?!? Dat's his music..let him do what he do! I'll speak from past conversations 2 validate my point..Me..4 instance, don't talk about trappin, guns and killin, club hoppin and bitches. I've seen and been a part of all dese things at 1 point or another but dat's not who I am. Yet, I have niggas tryin to tell me who I am or what I should be! Real Talk I make music..da music don't make me..neither does da money..are you seein how everything adds up..artist-money=broke artist, broke artist-integrity-passion-originality-individual character-heart=a rapper..(rappin is rhymin, bein able to rhyme ain't shit! Dr. Seuss rhymed) now.. if we have a rapper+a dream+a movie/tv role model(like Scarface 4 instance) +ignorance+ some dumb ass nigga in his ear tellin him what's hot and what's not+da radio stations playin dat weak shit they play on da regular! add dat to da hunger 4 money and divide dat by 2(his conscience and his ambitions)...and you should get da next hot rapper!!! Already industry made and ready 2 sell(lol)...Dese niggas are funny 2 me! Look, dis is what it is wit me..I do dis 4 My People, I do dis 4 myself, I do dis 4 my unborn seed 2 come, my mama, other people's parents, ALLLL da way down to my 4 yr. old niece! So I'll be damned if a nigga try 2 convince me dat I'm lame or I'm doing something wrong cuz I don't make music 4 da hood or whateva other fanbase niggas be frontin 4! I make music 4 everybody! But I'm not in da hood! Da niggas in da hood want 2 leave da hood so why every song gotta remind them about da shit they tryin 2 get away from? Most of all, I make music about life, from every aspect! So kno dat it's SOOOO much more 2 life than sellin drugs, killin, bein hard or tryin 2 be, fuckin hoes and comin up wit da next new dance wit da Dumbest name possible! Da game is over saturated wit niggas doin dat type shit. Also, I'm me! If I choose 2 not talk about be it! Leave me da fuck alone and let me do me..hell I was who I am befo I started rappin so now dat I rap I gotta change 2 get in da game...Nah..I'm good:-)...I'm an artist, always have been always will be. 2 me, it's jus 1 of dem things where you gotta be like..2 each his own..cuz truth be told there's no right or wrong way long as you're doin you! Sink or Fly I'm doin me! and Me and my 2 fans is cool wit dat! We appreciate da part dat I play and what I got 2 say! My main problem musically is my location! If I wasn't in da south..nevertheless Albany,Ga I think I'll feel more accepted and have a better opportunity wit dis music shit. Truth is..most da niggas in Albany bitin da "A" (Atlanta 4 da slow folks) and da A got da game right now so you either dancin or trappin dese days..and if you ain't, you ain't hot! Funny thing is...I can do what all dese niggas doin betta than dem but I guarantee you they couldn't even breathe on my level! It's easy 2 say nuthin..or 2 say a lil in lament's hard 2 say ALOT in a lil bit of time tho, especially when you're creative wit it. Wit me's easy as long as I do it from da heart..when I try 2 "think" of a's not as easy or as gr8 and I'm neva proud of what I've done. But when I feel's almost like I blackout...1 moment da track is playin and I'm vibin wit a blank sheet of moment I got a whole song or a verse written and perfected! 4 me, it's so much easier when I let GOD do it:-) Unfortunately..I haven't written anything in months!!! I'm jus jaded and I'm tryin 2 decide what direction I wanna take my music! I got another album called FREE which is da newest shit 2 work on. My nigga Rocaspot(da producer dat made da trak 4 "Dead Presidents") is gonna produce da whole album!!! Da concept is kinda based off da subject of dis blog. Da album is jus about bein Free..duh:-) Free from evil, free from peer pressure, free from stress, free from da love of money, free 2 make whateva kind of music I want 2, freedom to love, live and most 2 be I am 4 betta or worse! Denyin ALL boundaries made by da world's criteria of what to do, how to do it and what and who we should be. As a matter of fact, I'ma make a song wit da same title as dis blog.."Da Caged Bird" pretty much based off why the caged bird sings concept...Anyway, 2 all da rappers...FIND YA'SELF..OR GET LOST!!!!! 2 ALL DA ARTIST...REAL ARTIST...I APPRECIATE CHA CONTRIBUTION 2 MUSIC!!!! I'm pretty sure ya'll feel like me but don't let da need 4 money fool you into thinkin if you don't make a certain type of song or have a certain image dat you won't make none. Learn 2 be content and realize dat everything good, ain't good 4 ya and keep in mind what I said about da bible at da beginnin of dis blog..IT'S TRUE!!! A DIRECT QUOTE DAMN NEAR!!! Far as I go, it's cool if you make trap music..I happen 2 like T.I...if you a killer..dat's cool too...whateva you do you cuz when it's all set and done...DAT'S DA ONLY WAY 2 TRULY BE DIFFERENT!! I don't want nor try 2 be different..I jus AM!!! And it's only cuz I'm be who I was always meant 2 be...da only person I eva wanted to be...Me.

Monte Carlo B.K.A. __________ (Fill N' Da Blank)

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