Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Cool 2 Be U...

In dis day and time when people are pressured into trying to be something or someone their not, jus to fit in....I Dare ALL of you (including myself)...2 be yourselves! Dare 2 differ, Don't Beg 4 Shit! Dat's my motto dis yr.. Wit dat said I wanna ask dis...Why try to be something or someone when you can be "YOU" effortlessly!!! I'm fightin for a world in which we can ALL mentally, spiritually, emotionally and Self-Esteemly (If dat's a word..LOL) evolve and become a people made up of individuals! Not as in being a person, but bein yourself, your own person, making who we are the trend til the end! Women, I kno you have to understand where I'm coming from moreso than Men becuz in dis day and time you're told you're not good enough or you're not pretty enough ALOT!!! Like you can't model if you're not tall and skinny or look a certain way or you should feel bad if you're not da size some may feel you should be or most importantly...You need to look like the Dr.'d up, man made chicks on t.v. dat in ALL honesty wish they were able to unwind and jus be themselves and not have to put on makeup to check the mail!,,,or buy breasts to be accepted or get role in a video or movie. Ultimately, I see us ALL as a whole suffering from tryin to meet the industry's standards as far as what name brand we should wear, what hairstyle is "In", what kind of car we should drive and mainly the false beliefs that the money we make makes us, along with the purchases we're worshippin, depending on these things to validate who "WE" are and "OUR" status and value! Honestly, it'll be sooo much easier living this already hard, complicated life w/o these kind of frivilous, materialistic worries! Imagine dressin, wearin what you like...and not bein judged or lame for it if it happens to be out of the norm! Imagine a life wit no trends or a world wit no shallow standards and criteria's we pointlessly have to meet to! I think the time's now, in the age of aquarius...for everybody to wakeup and start a nu trend where..ALL we have to be is ourselves..take it or leave it! But I can't do it alone...No one can...ALL of us, Each and every one of us will have to fight against the media's perception of what we should be and dare to be different...Dare to be yourselves! Da movement starts now, walk 2 da sound of your own beatin heart...what do you have to lose?...It's Cool to be "U"

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