Saturday, March 27, 2010

True Religion....& not da brand name

Dis may offend some or make others feel differently about me but I feel dis is necessary regardless of how ppl may feel...Ignorance is da most harmful yet powerful weapon in our mental, emotional & spiritual battles. I say dis becuz Knowledge is power but b4 1 obtains knowledge..there's only ignorance. Very few actually gain significant knowledge...true knowledge. I say dat 2 say dis...When it comes 2 religion...WE ARE ALL IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In dis case tho, it's not necessarily a bad thing depending on what u believe in...Even those who believe in nothin or do believe in scientology or even atheist may not neccesarily be "wrong" 4 their beliefs becuz once again...WE ARE ALL IGNORANT!!!!! I'm neither a scientologist or an atheist..I grew up on christian beliefs but will neva be a "christian" cuz I don't believe in religion. Upon my research over time I've seen far too many names for God & Jesus which 2 me means....somewhere in time ppl started adding their own lil twist 2 da bible...maybe even created their own. Even da commandments are different in certain bibles for certain religions. I say dat 2 say dis...There was 1 set of rules 4 us 2 follow in da beginning and now there's countless religions due to ppl not conforming 2 da rules set in the beginning. I believe in God...dat's what I call him...I believe in Jesus & his sacrifice for our sins...some believe differently...but without facts & evidence of the truth it's pointless 2 debate over our different views. Far as I go...I feel it's betta 2 die believin a lie about God, Jesus, da commandments etc. than 2 die not believin & find out too late dat there is a God & there is a Jesus....feel me? Honestly...I was sittin down thinkin bout ALL of dis yrs ago & it hit me....In my bible...Faith in God & Jesus along with treating ppl how u want 2 be treated are da 2 greatest commandments (not saying da others don't have 2 be followed) so I asked myself...what is faith? According to da Merriam-Webster definition it is a"firm belief in something for which there is no proof"..So if faith in God & Jesus is da key 2 heaven cuz without faith you are without hope & acceptance in heaven...Then wouldn't it make sense as of 2 why we haven't seen Jesus with our own eyes? Why we don't know if what we see in da bible is real or what really happened? If we knew for a fact God was real then how could we have faith? Feel me? Everything is a test of our faith & dat is a test so many of us fail becuz as humans...seeing is well as it should be...for humans...but when it comes 2 God & Jesus...I place ALL my faith in them becuz I understand da test...I understand why I'll neva know in dis life if it's all real!...2 test my Faith!!!!! My point in ALL dis is....God, Jehovah whateva u wanna call him along with Jesus..Yahweh etc. is ALL DAT MATTERS!!!! FUCK WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE!!!!! FUCK WHAT ETHNICITY HE WAS!!!! 2 ME DAT'S PPL TRYIN 2 MAKE THERE GROUP SPECIAL...AND BY GROUP I MEAN RACE...DAT'S IGNORANT...NO! DAT'S STUPID CUZ WHAT DOES DAT HAVE 2 DO WIT ANYTHING!?!?!? I HATE SEEIN PICTURES OR HEARING CONVERSATIONS BOUT JESUS'S APPEARANCE!!! WHY DOES IT MATTER? IT DOESN'T..CUZ IT DOESN'T CHANGE WHETHER OR NOT HE'S REAL!!!!! So in conclusion, tho I haven't said half of what I could've & should've 4 da sake of not making dis too long...I wanna say...Find out what's worth placing your faith in....and be confident dat you won't pay 4 it in da next life...if u believe in a "next life". I choose 2 put my faith in God & Jesus! Who or what do you believe in? Also....Dis is slightly off subject but I think ppl need 2 know dat nowhere in any bible I've seen does it say "We were put here 2 get money" or "stack bread"! I don't even recall seeing anything dat says "we were put here 2 have a good time & party"! We are ALL here on a mission jus as Jesus was...Yes, God wants us to enjoy life...but don't turn your back on him & his word 2 do so. I sin so I can't & ain't throwin no stones...but make sure you sin thru weakness...thru your humanity...not jus cuz u can. If u can stop ya'self from doin it....DON'T DO IT!!!! PUT GOD 1ST!!!!!!!
Understand dese are merely my thoughts & feelins...there is some facts within the text but even dat hasn't been proven cuz da source came from what I've read in da bible..several bibles. So b4 I'm stoned & judged 4 my beliefs understand dat dese are my beliefs....THEY HAVE NOTHIN 2 DO WIT YOURS!!!!!!!

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